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About us

UPD Consulting Ltd. (BG) is an European branch of Fern Flower Lab (UK) focused on solutions for on-line retail and logistics markets. Our teammates are from High Performance and Cloud Computing world, with a massive experience of architecting a huge distributed and extremely complex systems together with different major and esteemed market players like: Motorola, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Marvell, UberCloud, T-Platforms, Erlang Solutions and many others. Our core team and company heads were actively involved in a lot of European HPC projects (like HOlistic Performance System Analysis for Cern or ClustrX HPC OS for Moscow State University).

Extremely fast growing of e-commerce is a big deal of this century and for people like us, who have a forward hi-tech positions, wide range of deep competencies and exceptionally unique empirical experience, it is one of the most important challenges of our generation, it is a mission - assist community to assimilate on this market. To let this market grow more and more.

And we do it - our team have a passion for developing powerful yet easy-to-use technologies that our customers love. And their customers love too.


DKD is a cloud platform for processing heterogeneous data by non-uniform applications.

DKDHUB is a permanent field of a persistently available code. It is like a market place, but for applications where every application is a monomorphic code or group.

DKD stands for:

and the platform actually provides tools for:

and much more...

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain (or, more technically, 'Computational MatriX') is a cloud computing environment for complex data processing.

Compound of bests of Cloud computing and High-Performance computing worlds.

It is built on top of:

Glued and driven by well constructed own framework written in Clojure and Java.

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